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Confessions of a Social Engineer
Picked by Chase Harrow / 8 min read
Why you should read it:
The fascinating story of an ex-hacker/con artist who made a small fortune from doing things like using "a Domino’s Pizza uniform to social engineer his way past corporate security." 
How Jeb Bush Spent $150 Million Running for President With Nothing to Show for It
THE NEW YORK TIMES / Picked by Dilip Rajan / 3 min read
Why you should read it:
Following up on yesterday's article on Jeb — here's a short, interesting read that gives a breakdown of what he spent his money on. Everyone loves pizza, valet-parking, and Vegas, right?
Inside the Artificial Universe That Creates Itself
THE ATLANTIC / Picked by Karishma Shah / 9 min read
Why you should read it:
This isn't the Super Mario 64 you played as a kid. In fact, this is barely a video game — it's more a feat of science and engineering that evokes existential questions about our universe. 
Hillary, Bill, and me: on growing up in the shadow of Monica Lewinsky
Picked by Jiaxin Zheng / 8 min read
Why you should read it:
Really thoughtful personal essay about the changing nature of being a woman in a male-dominated workplace.
The 4 Steps to Giving Magical Praise
MEDIUM / Picked
 by Dilip Rajan / 4 min read
Why you should read it:
It's sometimes awkward to give compliments — Do you make it a joke? How do you avoid coming off as fake? But learning to do this right spreads happiness and joy to people you care about :)
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